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If you are a Parelli student (or interested in the Parelli Program) that is looking for someone you can trust who has deep knowledge of the Parelli Program and the refined teaching skills, you are in the right place. Not only are Parelli Professionals good with horses, but they are also great with people. Learning is not easy, and we believe it is imperative to inspire confidence in you as the student and empower you to become the best horseman you can be. When you feel supported and encouraged, you feel motivated and learn best.

Most students take lessons, workshops, and/or clinics with Parelli Professionals (or at the Parelli Campus) to support and accelerate what they learn in the Parelli Levels Program curriculum. Star ratings showcase advancement in the Professionals Program—One-Star being the beginning, then rising through Six-Stars, and Emeritus being the highest level of achievement. 

All Parelli Professionals meet professional requirements set by Pat Parelli and the Parelli Management Team, attend professional conferences, and are required to take Continued Education (CE) on a yearly basis. Above all, they maintain the spirit of Parelli and are committed, as a team, to help us on our mission to make the world a better place for horses and the humans that love them.

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